Abel's Commissions

Status: OPEN!

terms of service & more info

Or contact me through Twitter DM or
💌 e-mail: melissa.litian@gmail.com

ICON examples

Complexity/Clutter+ €10
Simple Background+ €10

WAIST-UP examples

Complexity/Clutter+ €10
Simple Background+ €10

PORTRAIT examples

Complexity/Clutter + €10
Simple Background + €10

Terms & Conditions

Additional Pricing

Price can increase depending on background, characters & complexity of the piece. Message me if you're unsure about how to calculate this and/or what counts as "complex".

.Price (Add-on)
Complexity+ €10
Background+ €10
Extra Character+ 70%
Commercial WorkCan be discussed
Strict DeadlineCan be discussed

Additional Info

Payment through PayPal only.
(PayPal can convert any currency)

I draw almost anything, EXCEPT porn (mild nsfw ok)
and things that are illegal and/or offensive.
I can draw up to two characters in one illustration, no groups.

E-Mail or DM me for further questions

Terms Of Service

  • I reserve the right to charge extra, or decline a commission.

  • Payments are made via PayPal Invoice only. Do not send me the money without having received an invoice first. After receiving full payment upfront, I will start working on the commission.

  • Please provide references, this can be poses, pictures and/or descriptions.

  • No shipping. You will receive a digital full resolution .PNG file. After delivery, I am not responsible if you lose your files.

  • Once I've finished the artwork, I can do up to two minor adjustments free of charge. (Inform me about major adjustments when the sketch is presented)

  • The buyer can use the artwork in any way they like, for non-commercial use only. (Extra fees for commercial use can be discussed!)

  • I'm allowed to post commissioned work onto my social media and portfolio. (unless discussed otherwise)

By commissioning me, you have read & are agreeing to the terms and conditions presented above.